Ion heater is alternative heating system to petrol, gas, traditional electrical heating. The source of energy for heating is electricity, however the new technology makes it very economical.

The process of heating the heat carrier in the ion boiler occurs at the expense of ion conduction. Positive and negative ions of heat carrier move to the respective electrodes, while providing thermal energy.

Why to choose Ion Heater instead of petrol heating, traditional electrical heating, heating with wood, etc. ?

1. Installation of the system is MUCH CHEAPER than any petrol or gas heating system.

2. Very small size - all you need is 1 m2 on the wall of your house to install the system. No big space needed, no storage place for petrol, wood, no special place needed where to put burner device.

3. It is ecologically friendly technology, no more smoke, no more petrol smell at home.

4. Fast to install - our experts need only around 5 hours to install the system in your home. We will come in morning, you will have warm home in afternoon.

5. CHEAP in exploitation - it is much cheaper in exploitation than petrol heating.

6. It is possible to use Ion Heater with any existing heating installation at your home whether these are radiators, fan coil or heated floor. We will just install the system in 5 hours and replace water in your system with our heat carrier liquid.

7. It is possible to combine Ion Heater with fan coil - Ion Heater will heat your home in winter and fan coil will chill it in summer time.


Advantages of ion heating boilers:
  • small size (for the installation of a boiler 1 square meter on the wall in any room),
  • silent operation,
  • the possibility of programming modes of operation at different times of day, which reduces costs for heating,
  • quick and easy installation of the ion boiler,
  • the absence of combustion and, consequently, a higher fire and explosion safety, lack of demand for fuel,
  • the possibility of installing a new heating system at any new building and at a pre-existing heating system,
  • the possibility of parallel connection with other heat boilers,
  • protection from freezing the system (ion boilers heat carrier are not frozen to -40°C),
  • environmental merit;
  • energy-saving automation of new generation;
  • class I electrical safety (certificate Nr. T25D07, T37D08) in accordance with European Union standards.
How does work ion boiler?
The process of heating the heat carrier in the ion boiler occurs at the expense of ion conduction. Positive and negative ions of heat carrier move to the respective electrodes, while providing thermal energy.

For what kind of heating systems ion boilers are suitable?
Ion boiler is suitable for heating individual houses, apartments, garages, manufacturing and storage facilities of any heated area. This may be heating system with radiators, warm floor, hot water boilers, combined system.

Used in hybrid systems:
            · solid/gas/granular/oil boiler + ion boiler;
            · fireplace with heat exchanger + ion boiler;
            · solar collector + ion boiler;

What is the warranty period for the ion boiler?
You get a direct guarantee of the manufacturer for 2 years with possible extension.

There are different models of ion boilers depending on the size of heated space – from 30-60 sq.m up to 400 sq.m – accordingly from 3 kW up to 30 kW.

Control panel sets for ion boilers

Automatic set for ion boiler provides efficient and reliable operation of the boiler, it consists of the boiler control panel and remote devices:

Control panel includes:
  • panel body with DIN - lath and simistor cooling radiator;
  • simistor with chip control;
  • automatic protection of the boiler;
  • automatic protection of the circulation pump;
  • LEDs (2 pcs./3 pcs.).
The set also includes a remote devices:
  • mechanical thermostat (strap on) - providing access to the boiler operating conditions;
  • digital room thermostat-programmer - operates the boiler at a temperature of air in the room. Allows you to program the boiler to work weekdays, give various modes of the boiler work during the day, the regime of the day/night;
  • emergency thermostat - protects the boiler from overheating.
It also proposes an additional equipment:
  • wireless week programmator - operates a boiler with the help of radio signals, it does not require separate installation of wire, is recommended for rooms where the works have already been made;
  • GSM controller - allows you to manage the work of the boiler with the help of short messages (SMS) and obtain information about the temperature of the room (SIM card not supplied). Recommended for automation kits in places that operated sporadically (country houses, cottages, etc.);
  • maximum power controller - allows the ion boiler to operate in rooms with limited electric power input. Beyond maximum load of domestic consumption (for example, when the electric range, or electric water boiler in gear) it disables ionic boiler, and when drop the load - turn on the boiler automatically. Thus, the possibility of overload electrical network and operation of protective devices (protective automatic, fuse) are excluded;  
  • weekly programmator with touchscreen control and backlight - requires mounting wire or wireless.


Heat carriers for ion heaters

Heat carrier - fluid, which transmits heat from the heat boilers or etc. to heating devices (radiators, etc.).

When in heating systems as heat carrier is used ordinary water, the consumer is faced with several challenges. Water, containing in it composition of different salts and impurities, is form not only the corrosion of the heating system elements, but also the formation of salt deposits, biological fouling on heating surfaces, which affects the condition and serviceability of the entire heating system. In addition, water as a coolant can be used only for positive temperatures (>0˚C).

Besides all the usual requirements that apply to the heat carrier:
  • no mechanical adding,
  • lack of corrosion activity,
  • the absence of toxic components and the ability to self-ignition.
with ion boilers there is another requirement - the optimal electrical resistance and high ion stability.

Sometimes used in heating systems car antifreezes (like Tosol) because of its chemical and health indicators are not designed for this purpose and their use as a low-freezing liquid can adversely affect the heating equipment and the health of the consumer.

Unlike existing antifreezes for heating systems, the heat carrier have added additives to prevent scale formation on the walls of heat exchangers and auxilytic of the already existing, as well as additives to slow the corrosion, anti-spume, stabilizing additives, and special additives to ensure efficient and optimal work of ion (electrode) boiler.

COMPOSITION: heat carrier contains propylene, anticorrosion additives, anti-spume, stabilizing additives, special additives.

  • Do not freeze at temperatures up to -40˚C
  • Prevents corrosion of heating equipment,
  • Do not spoil compaction,
  • Prevents formation of scale and boilogical deposits on the surfaces of heating equipment,
  • Boiling point +120˚C,
  • If used in accordance with rules, lifetime in the heating system, not less than 5 years,
  • Provides a stable and low-cost ion boilers work.

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